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How To Change Door Locks?

How To Change Door Locks?

Getting your locks changed after you get a new house is necessary. You can change the whole lock or save some money and rekey your locks. If you have the time and you want to DIY the process, you will need some tools and follow our instructions to get the job done efficiently.

1. Replace Your Knob

First of all, you will need to remove the screws from your old lock on the inside of the knob. Then, remove the knob on each side of the door.

2. Use The Same Brand of You Have

You will want to use the same brand of the same lock you have to fit your door without problems. Take measurements of your old lock, and you can get the same one online or from a locksmith. Since you’re going to use the same brand, the installation will not be a problem for you as you will use the same holes to install your lock.

3. Remove the Latch Screws

The latch is the final lock piece that you need to remove. The next step is to take out the two screws that secure the latch, then slide them out from the side of the door.

4. Wrap The Cardboard Template Around the Door Edge

Any lock you buy from the store will come with a cardboard template to make sure that you put the lock in the right place. Place the template over the hole in your door and make sure that everything is in the right place. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, then you probably bought the wrong lock.

5. Put the latch back in place

After you make sure that everything fits perfectly, start by putting the latch back in its place and drive the screws back into their original place.

6. Put The Door Lock Together

Place both the inside and outside knob on each side of the door, then slide them through the lock hole to meet in the middle and connect.

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